Acorn Control for Oak Trees

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Oak trees are a beautiful and important part of our West Texas landscapes and heritage.  Live Oak trees are widely used throughout the Permian Basin and have shown great resilience to the ever-changing environment we have.  If you have Live Oak trees then you know that one of the only drawbacks is the acorn fruit they produce and shed.

Acorn production varies from year to year -- sometimes you'll get a bumper crop, and other times just a few. There isn't a simple way to prevent the acorns from forming. Acorn growth regulators can be sprayed on the trees when they bloom to prevent acorn formation. But timing can be tricky to detect. (Oak flowers aren't showy like those of crabapple or cherry trees.) And even if you get the timing right, the spray must cover the entire tree, or the portion of the tree missed by the spray will produce some acorns. 

*For commercial properties: acorns can be a hazard for tenants or customers walking on sidewalks or drives where Oak trees produce and drop acorns, it can be like walking on marbles and can be a trip & fall hazard. Well timed applications of an acorn growth regulator can dramatically reduce the acorn cop, especially when used consistently every year.  After a few applications acorn control is greatly improved and doesn’t harm the tree in any way.